Warm Super Greens Salad with Pistachios & Sweet Peaches

by feastonthecheap on August 25, 2014

Hot Summer Salad_optMary Anne here. In my kitchen all of the ingredients for this hot salad are pretty much available all summer long, so for me this actually doesn’t cost anything extra in my weekly meal planning. However, not everyone has the same shopping list as I, so for the purpose of this entry I have broken down the pricing if an ingredient isn’t included in our blog’s well-stocked pantry.

To clarify the lettuce component of my creation, “Super Greens” is simply a combination of either pre-packaged or a DYI combo of various greens. The already gathered lettuces marketed as “super” include baby kale, swiss chard, arugula, spinach, etc. For this recipe, I sometimes simply use spinach or arugula – basically whatever I have on hand. The convenience of the packaged super set is nice, but really I buy it when either it’s on sale or I feel like I need the extra vitamins packed into the variety of greens. A huge bonus to this meal, aside from the obvious healthful punch of the produce, is that it takes less than 10 minutes to prepare! Perfect on evenings when I visit Mariel and her beloved little “manster” and come home late for dinner, after the little guy has had his fill of Nana lullabies and cuddles.

Most, if not all of the ingredients can be swapped out for other similar fixin’s. Any stone fruit will do as will any kind of nut you have stashed in the pantry and cheese in the fridge. Trimmed Brie works beautifully if you don’t care for bleu cheese and I’m certain when the autumn rolls around I’ll sub in ripe pears as peaches and plums bid adieu til next year.

Finally, I don’t make a dressing for this salad as the peaches and tomatoes release some of their juices when the mixture is transferred from the sauté pan to the plate. A dash of salt and pepper is all this hot dish needs. So long summer and hello to a year-round salad!

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Warm Super Greens Salad with Sweet Peaches
Serves 6

2 cups baby heirloom or grape tomatoes – $2.29
3 ripe peaches cut into 1/8ths – $1.60
18 cups of “super” greens – $5.99
6 Tablespoons of crumbled blue cheese – $3.99 (for the block)
6 Tablespoons of chopped nuts (I use pistachios) – stock
Grand Total Assuming a Well-Stocked Pantry: $13.87
Total Per Serving: $2.31

1. Lightly coat your largest sauté pan with cooking spray. Over medium-high flame sauté the sliced peaches and tomatoes until golden, gently turning frequently, about 5 minutes.

2. Add the greens. Note: You will have to do this gradually in order to get all of the greens into the pan. They will wilt quickly, making room for each addition. The entire process takes literally maybe 2 minutes. Season lightly with salt and pepper if desired.

3. Transfer to individual plates and top each salad with the cheese and nuts. Serve immediately.


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