Fried Rice with Shrimp and Pancetta

Serves 6

Mary Anne here. This reheats beautifully for leftovers, although my host scarfed it down before anyone else could!

3 Tablespoons Peanut oil, divided – $4.49
3 large eggs, lightly beaten – from stock
1/3 lb. Pancetta, trimmed and diced (from one chunk) – $3.60
1 cup scallions, diced (including green tops) – $.45
*Plus 1 or 2 extra scallions for garnish
½ Red Bell Pepper, diced –  $0.38
2 cloves minced garlic – from stock
2 Tablespoons minced fresh ginger – $0.30
1 1/3 cups Mung Bean Sprouts  – $1.59
4 cups cooked Brown rice (cook according to package directions) – $2.79
*Tip: I cooked the whole box of rice and froze what I didn’t need using a quart sized plastic container. Brown rice is delicious on salads and “bulks” up the greens with leftover chicken or any meat you might have on hand. It makes a simple, delicious and very filling dinner!
3 Tablespoons Soy Sauce – from stock
4 Tablespoons Hoisin Sauce – $2.09
¼ Chicken stock or broth – from stock
1 cup frozen peas – $0.84
1 lb. medium shrimp, peeled, de-veined, and coarsely chopped – $9.99
Grand Total Assuming Un-Stocked Asian Pantry: $26.52
Per Portion: $4.42

1. In a large skillet or wok, heat 1 Tablespoon of the peanut oil over medium-high flame. The surface of the oil will begin to “shimmer” when it’s hot enough, but it shouldn’t be smoking.

2. Pour the beaten eggs into the hot oil and allow to cook for about 10 to 15 seconds. They will begin to set on the bottom.

3. Using a spatula, begin stirring gently to scramble cooking only a minute or so until they’re soft and still moist. Remove from pan and set aside.

4. Heat remaining oil in pan and when hot and it shimmers, add pancetta. Cook over medium-high flame until lightly golden, about 10 minutes.

5. Add the scallions, ginger, garlic, and red pepper and cook, stirring frequently about 6 minutes.

6. Add the Mung Bean Sprouts, shrimp, and peas, stirring constantly about 3 minutes. Shrimp should be pink and still slightly translucent.

7. Turn down the heat to a medium-low flame. Add the rice a little bit at a time, using your fingers to “de-lump” it if you made it ahead of time and it’s cold from the fridge.

8. Toss in the scrambled egg and cook, still stirring until rice is heated through, about 1 minute.

9. Add the soy sauce, Hoisin, and chicken broth. Heat through. Serve hot and garnish with remaining scallions.

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