Old Fashioned Butterscotch Pudding

Mariel here. I am the person that consistently robs restaurants of the butterscotches in their free candy dishes. I am the reason you root through the strawberry and grape-flavored hard candies and wonder where on earth the good stuff is. Chances are, I beat you to the punch. When the cashier or hostess looks away, I greedily stuff my pockets with these grandfatherly treats.  On a related note, I am also single-handedly keeping your local drugstore shelves stocked with Lifesavers Butter Rum. You’re welcome.

I’ve been following Liz over at That Skinny Chick Can Bake for quite some time now so I was familiar with her recipes well before I was assigned her blog for this month’s installation of Secret Recipe Club. In fact, I had “Stumbled” this very Butterscotch Pudding recipe over a year ago…I just hadn’t made it yet. It was well worth the wait. I haven’t had homemade pudding in a dog’s age, but it is SO much richer and more decadent than the “just add milk” variety you find at the grocery store. Incidentally, it’s also way more fattening…but that’s a problem for another day.

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Butterscotch Pudding
Adapted from That Skinny Chick Can Bake
Serves 6

6 Tablespoons butter – stock
1 cup plus 2 Tablespoons lightly packed dark brown sugar – $1.49
1¼ cups half and half – $1.69
5 Tablespoons cornstarch – stock
Dash of salt – stock
2 cups milk – stock
3 egg yolks – stock
2 teaspoons vanilla – stock
Grand total assuming well-stocked kitchen: $3.18
Cost per serving: $0.53

1. In a large saucepan, combine butter and brown sugar over low heat and simmer 5 minutes, stirring frequently. Add half and half, stirring till smooth.

2. Combine cornstarch and salt in bowl. Pour in ½ cup of milk and stir until cornstarch is dissolved. Add to saucepan with the rest of the milk. Bring to boil over medium heat, stirring constantly. Boil for 2 minutes – the pudding will thicken up as you stir.

3. Remove from heat. Whisk in egg yolks one at a time, stirring till smooth. Add vanilla.

4. Return to med-low heat and cook 1 minute while stirring. Ladle into a big serving bowl or 6 custard cups. Cover tops with plastic wrap to prevent skins from forming if you don’t plan to serve right away.


  1. says

    It’s always so much fun when friends get my blog for the SRC :) Your pudding looks incredible…so smooth and decadent! Now I’m craving butterscotch, too!!!

  2. says

    I can’t believe that I have never made butterscotch pudding at home before – I love it! This recipe looks nice and easy too. PS. I laughed out loud at your Lifesavers comment. I used to get one of those Lifesaver books in my stocking at Christmas every year as a child, and the butter rum lifesavers were always the last to go!

  3. says

    Mmm, this looks fantastic! I’ve not made homemade pudding in a long time, and never butterscotch, even though it is a flavor I love. Will have to try this soon!

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    It’s a good thing you live in another part of US or we’d be competing for the butterscotch candies! I think I better just dream about this pudding because if I make it….well, you can guess.


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